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When Your Values Matches Your Company: Meet Julie A. Evans & Sustalytics

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Many entrepreneurs start in the market with big ambitions and dreams, carrying their personal values and purpose in life. In fact, this is one of the most exciting features of a company: how its values match the founder’s ideas.

That is why in this article, we tell the story behind Sustalytics regarding this topic. They are a service platform for Fashion retailers that helps predict customer demand at the design stage.

By testing the products before producing, Sustalytics enables retailers to be more sustainable while more profitable.

Keep reading to get inspired on entrepreneurship and sustainability! 

Aligning Your Values to a Company

What’s important to you can be crucial to your business. Establishing your values in your company’s culture is essential to maintaining your essence and inspiring engagement.

When well established, values are capable of transforming the workforce. That way, you find people well-aligned with those thoughts and purposes.

But for you to know how to implement your thoughts in your company, we bring a true story about challenging yourself and starting a business. About changing her career and challenging herself through entrepreneurship, Julie shared with Fashinnovation: “What I do now makes so much more sense.”

Let’s unwrap it.

Discover Sustalytics

The company states sustainable analytics. It was launched in 2018 by a fashion industry expert to empower fashion businesses to be more sustainable and efficient. According to the Founder, CEO & Fashion Insights Director Julie A. Evans, “our services are financial savings but also environmental savings.”

They found a solution to the excessive waste seen in the industry today that causes not only a massive loss of profit but client dissatisfaction and environmental degradation.

“Our answer to this is a platform that uses data science to identify consumer needs for fashion brands and retailers and directs them to produce only what their customers want,” they say on their website. 

Julie pivoted to technology to bring more sustainability to the fashion industry and now also teaches technology basics to fellow retail C- level executives. You can watch the video below.


The company does not focus on getting personal data from the consumer. It is about the time they spend on each design and the consumer’s opinion about product designs. “We leverage technology with Sustalytics to give a voice to consumers and gather product data on what they like.”

That is how the Founder, CEO & Fashion Insights Director describes their services and says, “this is how we help retail produce better.” 

Sustalytics leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide brands with data insights on consumer preferences. “All our marketing is about product data. (…) We rely on consumers to understand product preferences but don’t pursue consumers to make any purchases.”, said Julie A. Evans. 

Behind Sustalytics: Meet Julie A. Evans

Throughout Julie A. Evans’s journey as an entrepreneur, she aligns Sustalytics with her sustainable values and has positively impacted the industry. She grew up in France near the Alps, studied in the UK in London and built her career in Spain.

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Julie shared that she started by working for big companies such as Zara. “I started as a fashion buyer. (…) But fast fashion has a lot of waste and I started going back to my roots and thinking, ‘what can I bring to the industry that is useful?’”

Unlike slow fashion, the fast model is based on producing a large number of clothing collections. This issue can be very harmful to our planet, as we previously discussed on our blog. 

“It all has something to do with the way I was educated while growing up. I’ve been recycling my whole life.”

– Julie A. Evans

The entrepreneur founded the company in Paris and then moved and developed the technology in the USA, where she is now based. 

Partnering & Worldwide Business

When asked about what has changed in Julie since her career’s beginning, she said: “What changed in me is that I realized that by becoming an entrepreneur, I could have a much bigger impact than when I was working for one company.” 

“Now I have the opportunity to work with brands worldwide, from Havaianas to Galeries Lafayette.”

– Julie A. Evans


“Coming from the industry, I brought my network and people I already knew. I also started partnering with another company called Groyyo.”

They are a sourcing platform that focuses on sustainable materials and allows connecting factories and brands throughout the world using technology. According to Julie, they connect all suppliers and give better knowledge to do better business.

Inspiring and Trusting Yourself

Sometimes we look at our professional life and wonder if that makes sense for who we are. It can seem like a difficult step to take when it comes to letting go of what we already have to try to follow our essence.

Julie’s story shows us that it is possible to trust ourselves and be successful in entrepreneurship. With this, we bring our values and balance with an ethical commitment to the company.

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