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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Entrepreneurship In Fashion 

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Have you been dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur? Is fashion one of your passions? Then it would be good if you considered entrepreneurship in fashion.

When dealing with the world of entrepreneurship, it is normal for several opportunities to appear in your way. It is possible to stand out in different innovative areas when starting your own business in this industry.

This article explains how you should consider the fashion market as an excellent place to endeavor. But firstly, keep in mind that liking this field and being involved with the history and trends of the market makes things a lot easier.

Fashion is constantly evolving and you need to be aware of the technological innovations that influence the market. By the way, building businesses around innovation is what the fashion world is all about. To sum up, innovation seems to emerge everywhere and anywhere. You need to pick a niche, a strategy and a direction to follow in order to have a successful business.

6 Inspirations For Entrepreneurship In Fashion

We all have sources of inspiration for everything. It is easier when one follows success cases to start something. Therefore, if you are looking to get into the entrepreneurship world, here are six successful examples from our community for you to be inspired. Keep reading! 

Anita Dongre & Her Cultural Heritage

If you think of starting a business as a designer, Anita Dongre is a great inspiration. Her personal and professional history concerns female power in the industry and how to incorporate her culture into your collections.

She has been at the forefront of Indian fashion for over 20 years. For instance, she created one of the most successful fashion houses in her country. Today, she employs over 2,500 people directly and provides employment opportunities to thousands more.

Watch her panel at the 5th Worldwide Talks for more insights – Fashion is Cultural Heritage

Bibhu Mohapatra & His Creativity on Entrepreneurship

If you want to enplane your cultural traditions into your business, applying a touch of creativity, Bibhu Mohapatra is the name for you to follow. He values crafting and brings its essence to his designs. For him, “crafts that are ancient or dying or actively being reinvented.”

He always addressed that his heritage is what shapes him. On the Worldwide Talks 6th Edition, Bibhu shared how his heritage influences his leadership style in running a fashion business on the panel Fashion Is Paving Your Own Way With Creativity & Entrepreneurship.

Camila Coutinho’s Fashion Communication & Beauty Entrepreneurship

Camila Coutinho started her entrepreneurial journey 15 years ago when she created the Garotas Estúpidas blog. She is considered the first fashion blogger in Brazil, and she showed that communication is a very suitable area to undertake in fashion.

The field of communication opened doors for her to create her persona in the digital environment and a brand, GE Beauty. In the 5th Worldwide Talks, Camila shared how she reconciles her tight schedule with two successful businesses in the Fashion Is Influencing Your Way Towards Entrepreneurship panel.

Donna Karan’s Lessons On Entrepreneurship in Fashion

The fashion icon and humanitarian founded Urban Zen in 2007. She shared on the 4th Worldwide Talks that she started her first stores only in the US but amplified the brand around the world and realized fashion is global. 

“I saw fashion as a world story, not just a United States story,” she said. 

Her business’ global vision was an inspiration for many who started in this field. Going overseas is a dream for many fashion entrepreneurs because it brings new possible markets. However, it also demands an even greater and differentiated production.

To learn more with this fashion expert, you must watch the panel Fashion Is Creation.

Frederic Fekkai & His Sustainability & Innovation Pioneering

Frederic is a master of entrepreneurship and has shown this with the success of his namesake salon and brand. He revolutionized the beauty industry, creating the concept of ‘beauty hospitality’ and revolutionizing the market.

For instance, one of the highlights of Fekkai’s journey is the search for sustainable product innovations. He doesn’t only care about the environmental impact but also the social one. “He’s continuing his legacy with a new mission to create the cleanest, most sustainable hair care that delivers salon performance to every customer,” says the company’s website

Watch all of Fekkai’s insights from the 6th Worldwide Talks 6th Edition in the panel Fashion Is Pioneering With Eco-conscious Values in the Beauty Market

Steve Madden’s Start Over Story

Steve Madden’s entrepreneurship story is also a start-over inspirational journey. “Suffering can bring character, perhaps,” said Madden at the Fashinnovation’s 4th Worldwide Talks. He was indicted on civil and criminal charges in connection with his firm transactions. Furthermore, he also pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering.

Sold in over 80 countries worldwide, Steve Madden is all about authenticity and embracing individuality. Steve Madden is a future optimist in the fashion industry. “Fashion is going to be so exciting. There’s going to be so much newest and so much interesting stuff. If that is the case, I will be making it”, he believes. You can watch the Fashion Is the Hustle panel to know better.

Fashinnovation’s Videos Archive

Entrepreneurship in fashion is a very broad area and with this article, you had just a little taste of inspirational stories. But, in addition to reading this article, videos from fashion and innovation experts are also a good learning source.

Many big names in the industry have used our platform to teach various topics. So don’t forget to access the Watch page on our website. This is where you can find panels and other videos from past events. It is an excellent opportunity to learn directly from the masters.

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