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How Socially Impactful Beauty Brands Change the World

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We always highlight the important reasons to pursue sustainability in your business. In addition to contributing to the environment, you are making a social impact with your brand.

Today, consumers – especially Gen Z – look for products beyond quality. Connection, representativity, commitment to the environment and the story behind a brand are crucial. In this article, you will better understand the importance of a socially impactful beauty brand. Keep reading!

What is a Socially Impactful Beauty Brand?

Cosmetics is related to products that are aimed at care, such as makeup, facial moisturize and more. And when we buy beauty products from companies that support and develop changes of a social nature, we are investing in the lives and care of others.

A beauty brand with social impact intentionally offers scalable solutions to the population’s social problems based on their sales and visibility.

In other words, a socially impactful beauty brand can help society move forward since it concerns people’s development. In addition, these brands can help create a more concerned awareness of communities in the sense of education.

Besides that, they can influence new brands to follow this path. In addition to selling, they show transparency about their products, give opportunities to the less fortunate and speak publicly about the critical measures to take.

Socially Impactful Beauty Make Products With Value

Businesses can generate social impact through the enterprise’s core business. This occurs from a product or service, following transparency and traceability. Not only that, but the emotional or social value of a product can influence a consumer.

A product can generate social impact by connecting with the consumer, who is often looking for something beyond the physical. “Instead of company profit being the No. 1 priority, it is about creating inspiring products or services that help people live better lives”, says Kelley Swing, founder and CEO of Head Case Hair Studio for Rolling Stone

Impact on the Team

Making a social impact is attractive to consumers but also to the team. Working in a socially responsible company can positively influence an employee’s routine.

In the article, the entrepreneur shares that 93% of employees believe companies must lead with purpose rather than solely focusing on making money. “Companies taking this approach can help their workforces feel more inspired, motivated and productive, and a loyal workforce shares their company’s purpose and story with clients,” according to the Employee Perspectives on Responsible Leadership During Crisis study. 


Including people in a brand, whether in advertisements or in the product itself, is a way of contributing to the advancement of society.

Since the beginning of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna has made sure to commit to inclusivity, like the number of skin tones launched in her products. This allowed many people to identify with the brand, feeling included. The brand products are designed to feel “lightweight, even as they deliver buildable coverage that effortlessly layers, to ultimately make skin look like skin,” says their website.

Fenty Effect humanized a space in beauty and transformed it to be for everyone. As a result, it made a whole industry follow their steps. Other beauty brands have begun to develop an awareness of skin diversity. It is a way of committing to the advancement of society.

Victoria Buchanan, the senior future analyst at strategic foresight consultancy, The Future Laboratory, told Vogue“Fenty Beauty’s tagline, ‘Beauty for All,’ is a strong social statement that’s underpinned by product innovation.”

Green Beauty Brands

Many organic brands are popping up now and then. This market aligns with social impact because it is concerned with sustainability. The production of conventional cosmetics uses more chemical substances, including petrochemicals, called Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). In this way, clean beauty is pointed to grow more.

Statista says the global natural and organic cosmetics market is projected to rise to 15.7 billion dollars by 2025.

One reason for this number is consumer behavior. In another study, Statista points out: “Consumers become cautious of potential toxicity in cosmetics, market segments offering manufactured products using natural and organic ingredients​ and essential oils are likely to report strong growth.”

Key Tips to Create a Socially Impactful Beauty Brand

First, you must plan. Study operational, financial and product management. After all, having a strong business model that guarantees profitability is essential.

Then choose a societal need and define what problem your business wants to solve. To identify these issues, you can look around and think of situations that bother you and need a solution.

Also, you will only be able to offer an effective solution if you choose a topic you like and have some expertise in. Despite this, you must understand and listen to your audience.

If you liked this topic, watch the Fashion Is Eco & Socially Impactful Beauty panel from our 5th Worldwide Talks. You will learn how to manage profitability, handle crises when it comes to selling third-party products, and communicate your product’s essence transparently.



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