The Ultimate Guide To Help You Get Organic Engagement on Social Media
The Ultimate Guide To Help You Get Organic Engagement on Social Media
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Get a Powerfull Organic Engagement on Social Media in 2022

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“The more you send, the more you get.” Those were the words of Gal Erlichman, the Founder and CEO of InstaUnicorn. But does it have something to do with organic engagement social media? Well, if your goal is to have organic engagement your answer is yes!

To grow a business nowadays, it’s essential to have an online presence. But, with all businesses being on social media, outstanding and finding the right customers for your company is not an easy job. 

In this article, we’ll give some tips to help you get the organic engagement you need, grow your social media account and, therefore, business. Shall we?  

Organic engagement?

If you work with social media or have done brief research on it, you’ve probably heard about organic engagement. 

Get a Powerfull Organic Engagement on Social Media in 2022

We call organic engagement the interactions generated without boosting or creating ads. The most varied ways in which followers react to content count for engagement, whether through feed or stories.

Examples of engagement are:

  • Likes;
  • Comments;
  • Saving posts;
  • Direct message sending;
  • Post sharing;
  • Response to polls;
  • Video views;
  • Among other such actions.

Organic engagement is one that happens naturally, voluntarily on the part of followers. In other words, the profile owner does not need to invest in sponsored posts to increase the number of followers or to make them interact with the publications.

Therefore, organic engagement doesn’t mean paying ads neither buying followers. It’s a much nicer way to get a potential customer’s attention, without invading their space.

Numbers & Social Media

Which brand would you be more willing to buy from: the one that has a lot of followers and few likes or the one that has a good number of followers, but at the same time a lot of likes and relevant comments?

Nowadays it’s no use buying followers, let alone likes and comments. The right thing – and better for your brand – is that these interactions come organically and naturally. What’s more, it’s important that it comes from an audience that has to do with your target niche. To sum up, “the right numbers is what matters on social media”, as stated by Gal.

6 Tips For Social Media Engagement

To reach its goal, the company needs to apply some techniques to its social networks and understand the sales funnel well. In addition, it needs to know its audience and their behavior. This makes it easier to produce targeted content for them.

The big advantage of investing in organic traffic is the low cost. However, the time to acquire the customer is usually a little longer, which can be good in building a relationship with him. That is, it is not overnight that you will gain many likes and followers. But, with a few months, it is possible to build an interesting profile, with an engaged public and, even more, that helps you sell.

1. Change your account to a business profile

Don’t forget to switch your account to a business profile. Only then will you be able to access metrics, see information about the company and its followers, and know the best times to post.

Invest in an Instagram bio that is organized and tells in a nutshell who you are. Your description will attract the right audience and make them understand your type of business. Also, insert a link that directs your customer to your website or sales page. Certainly, this is a tactic that will be beneficial for both your profile on the social network and your website.

3. Base your content on storytelling

Noone can deny that a good storytelling is catchy and help the readers to resonate with the story agents. So, understand your persona well and define what story you want to tell her. In other words, make interesting posts that attract the attention of your followers.

Just because you sell chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t create a reality show about entrepreneurship like Mid-day Squares. Or if you own a software company doesn’t mean you can’t talk about sustainable fashion. Define the topics that are related to your company and tie well how you want to tell all this.

4. Have a regularity of posts

Constancy is everything. Both in the entrepreneurship journey and in social networks. It’s no use making a post today and another 9 days from now. Always be present in your followers’ feed and show that you don’t just want to sell, but also create a connection with them.

5. Discover & Explore Instagram Features

Instagram is a full-featured social network that offers content producers a variety of creative possibilities. Then explore each function and tool, such as Reels, IGTV, Stories, among other features.

6. Use technology as your ally 

An Instagram profile doesn’t get these numbers only by posting cool content. I’m not saying that beautiful and interesting posts aren’t important, because they are. And a lot, like we mentioned. Yet, engaging with other profiles is essential because then you can get engagement back. That’s why we started out this article with Gal’s iconic statement: “The more you send, the more you get”. 

But, the truth is, entrepreneurs or social media managers can’t spend their whole day interacting with followers – or potential ones – on social media. And here’s when technology comes along. 

InstaUnicorn is a tech startup that can help you by engaging automatically with your followers and potential customers. Their software works with three main engaging strategies. 

First, location. If you’re a high-end luxury thrift shop in NYC, their software helps you engage with your potential customers, aka persona. Those who frequent certain restaurants or buy for certain stores that relate or compete with yours. 

Second, InstaUnicorn engages with profile followers. You pick profiles that relate to yours – or that even are your competitors. Then, their software will engage with them in a natural way, introducing you and your business and attracting their attention. 

Third, hashtags. Nowadays, hashtags don’t say a lot about who uses them and their social behavior. However, they are also an option. 

Summing it up, InstaUnicorn engages with your target audience 24/7, but in a natural way and without driving your profile to shadowban. They offer a 10-day free trial, book your time & enjoy! 

Find out about the secrets of social media for business!

* Article in partnership with InstaUnicorn

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