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Technology as a tool

Feb 1, 2021
Fashion Is Innovating for the Consumer via Technologies I

As technology is essential to today’s business world, companies have to learn how to use it in a way that will benefit and enhance their business model. An understanding of shifts in consumer demand, expectations, and behavior is necessary to create innovative technologies.

With this in mind, Fredrik Timour (Head of Fashion Innovation, Swedish Fashion Council), guided this conversation alongside panelists including Sandra Campos (CEO, Project Verte), Daina Burnes (Founder & CEO, Bold Metrics), Ganesh Subramanian (Founder & CEO, Stylumia), Nikhita Iyar (Head of Strategic Business Development, Moxtra) and Emma Lee (Head of Fashion, Tmall Global & Kaola). 

Social media has given power and voice to the consumer. Companies must have an understanding of the consumer’s priority – who is looking for products with a purpose. They now purchase experience, which evokes a need to feel represented as well as to see themselves in what they are buying. Digital is unavoidable and companies have to make sure they present and engage online.

The Speakers

Meet your Fashinnovators

Sandra Campos
Sandra Campos
CEO Project Verte

Sandra Campos is the CEO of Project Verte, entrepreneur, and operating partner within the retail, tech, and consumer products sector. She is also the founder of Fashion Launchpad, the only digital continuing education platform for the fashion and retail industries (launching in 2021).

Fredrik <br>Timour
Head of Fashion Innovation Swedish Fashion Council

Fredrik Timour, Founder at Fashion Innovation Center, has a broad perspective on digital fashion and worked directly with Fusalp, POC, IKEA, BACK, Snickers Workwear, SAS, IBM. He works for the Swedish Fashion Council setting up a new innovation center for fashion and is part of the national platform for sustainable fashion.

Daina <br>Burnes
CEO, Bold Metrics

A trailblazer in the field, Daina brings more than a decade of experience in growing and developing technology companies focused on harnessing and processing complex data and AI. As a published author in multiple leading research journals, Daina is also in demand as a keynote speaker on machine learning-based retail innovation and data analysis in the apparel industry. An active angel investor of technology startups, Daina is a mentor for startup accelerator programs including Techstars and IgniteNI where she advises burgeoning tech companies on their financing and product development strategies. With a background in Engineering and Data Science, Daina conducted and patented groundbreaking research in biophysics and optical imaging at MIT and UCLA. She then combined her family background in the apparel industry with her bioengineering expertise to start Bold Metrics. The dynamic AI technology that Bold Metrics has developed helps empower brands to address their size and fit-related challenges while improving their sustainability and optimizing operations.

Emma Lee
Emma Lee
Head of Fashion - the Americas Tmall Global & Kaola

Emma, the HEAD OF FASHION & Global Business Development at TMALL GLOBAL & KAOLA | Alibaba Group, is an e-commerce veteran with diverse experience in brand building, digitalization strategy and business development. She was part of the founding team at Gilt Groupe.

Ganesh Subramanian
Ganesh Subramanian
Founder & CEO Stylumia

Ganesh is the former COO of, India’s largest online fashion retailer and is responsible for scaling it to a multi-million dollar entity it is today. He founded Stylumia to help retail companies eliminate guesswork and get more accurate with demand forecasting.

Nikhita Iyar
Nikhita Iyar
Head of Strategic Business Development Moxtra

Nikhita Iyar leads the Strategic Business Development team at Moxtra. She has worked closely with several of the world’s leading organizations to help them power their own digital channel and deliver a seamless, premier service experience to their clients.


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