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New businesses are shining

Feb 1, 2021
Fashion is Pitching Startup Technologies Innovating the Now

This panel was a door opener for entrepreneurs to show their creative and innovative products, giving them a spotlight, in front of judges, investors, and the entire Fashinnovation audience.

Wilson Griffin presented Recurate — software that works with e-commerce to help them with their peer-to-peer resale, moving it directly into their website. Valentine Aseyo reinvented the men’s leggings, bringing together comfort and technology via Matador Meggings. David Friedrichs explained that Cerqular makes online shopping more accessible, bringing together sustainable brands and consumers, hand in hand.

Last but not least were Alex Ciorapciu and Symone Lewis. Ciorapciu gave a tour on how autoRetouch is the key tool to perfecting e-commerce imagery, and Lewis spoke of a pain point for women – keeping “off the shoulder” looks intact.

The Speakers

Meet your Fashinnovators

Alex Ciorapciu
Alex Ciorapciu
Co-Founder & CEO autoRetouch

Alex Ciorapciu has a 15-year track record in SaaS and AI. His passions for photography, design, tech development, and business come full circle at autoRetouch, the first end-to-end, automated image processing platform.

David Friedrichs
David Friedrichs
Co-Founder & CEO Cerqular

David is the co-founder and CEO of Cerqular. Cerqular is a comprehensive multi-seller marketplace platform that connects innovative sustainable brands and passionate sustainable shoppers on a single platform.

Symone Lewis
Symone Lewis
Founder Shoulder Bare

Dr. Lewis wants to provide a positive experience, as well as increase the perceived options of those who use her products. Her company Shoulder Bare will celebrate women’s herstory, power, divinity, and beauty increasing confidence with the help of her first product Barelastics.

Valentine Aseyo
Valentine Aseyo
Maker Matador Meggings

Valentine, the founder of MATADOR MEGGINGS, has 15 years of experience in several multinational companies. His last role was SVP of Product at Bandsintown, the #1 concert discovery & streaming platform. Before Bandsintown, he spent 8 years working at Facebook in Ireland, India, and the US.

Wilson <br>Griffin
Co-Founder & COO , Recurate

Prior to co-founding Recurate, Wilson worked in Sustainable Innovation at Gap Inc., managing a portfolio of programs. He also launched his own cotton basics brand in Brooklyn while working for the environmental non-profit Rainforest Alliance.




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