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Sep 9, 2021
Startup Pitch Competition “The Next Big Thing”

On this edition of Fashinnovation’s Worldwide Talks, 6 startups presented their solutions to the audience and to a group of judges. The winner was Pichups Mobi and they are now part of “Fashinnovation Startup Acceleration Program”. During every edition of the WWT, we have a pitch competition and, if you want to make your business grow, this is the perfect opportunity!

Jessica Kelly, Founder & CEO of Thr3efold
Camilla Bottari, Founder of Eve’s Disclosure
Dr. Robert G. Andosca, Co-founder, President & CEO/CTO of INVIZA
Paige McConney, CEO & Founder of Spruce
Nick Romeo, CEO & Visionary of Pickups Mobi
Kirill Moisyeyev, CEO & CFO of The Fitting Room Canada

Julia Lucidi, International Soft Landing Manager Cambridge Innovation Center
Laura Ganoza, Partner at Foley & Lardner
Fredrik Timour, Head of Fashion Innovation at Swedish Fashion Council
Sarah Willersdorf, Managing Director & Partner and Global Head of Luxury at Boston Consulting Group

The Speakers

Meet your Fashinnovators

CEO & Founder, Spruce

After graduating with a degree in Marketing from Manhattan College, Paige worked in the event production industry for 10 years for some of the world’s top brands. Her experience includes staff management, budget creation and management, venue sourcing, contract negotiation and concept ideation. Her professional experience in the event industry has given her a head start in creating her own business, a walk-in refresh lounge with every necessity and just enough opulence with which to prepare for a night out.

Founder, Eve's Disclosure

Camilla Bottari is the founder of Eve’s Disclosure, a sustainable panty brand made in NYC created to put women’s needs first. This beautiful blend of knowledge, passion, and simplicity certified by eco-friendly TENCEL™ and IONIC+™ material leaves every woman asking: Am I even wearing underwear? Prior to founding the brand, the Italian entrepreneur worked for 10 years as an entrepreneur in the hospitality field cultivating her passion for art and design that has influenced her current brand’s aesthetic and values.

Thumb Julia Lucidi
International Soft Landing Manager, CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center)

Julia Lucidi’s career is deeply immersed in entrepreneurship and innovation communities globally across the private, nonprofit and government sectors. She has led pivotal changes to entrepreneurship culture through educational content, PR and community engagement strategies, designed programs to increase the success rate of emerging entrepreneurs, opening the first chapters of innovation networks, and has created sustainable revenue streams for multiple organizations. She has led these initiatives with Endeavor Brazil, Rio de Janeiro’s City Government, The Coca-Cola Company, American Eagle and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC Miami).

Dr. Robert
G. Andosca
Co-founder, President & CEO/CTO, INVIZA®️

Dr. Robert G. Andosca is the Co-founder and CEO/CTO of INVIZA® LLC, a FashTech MedTech self-charging, concealed in your own apparel and footwear wearables technology company.

Dr. Andosca has 30+ years’ experience in the Internet of Things (IoT) including Connected Car, Industrial IoT and Wearable Technology, and the microelectromechanical systems and semiconductor integrated circuit industries. He is passionate about the convergence of technologies, forming highly collaborative teams and strategic partnerships, marketing, and MEMS/sensors and energy harvesting (EH), including mechanical/electromagnetic and piezoelectric, thermal, and photovoltaic/solar) technologies for many IoT and wearable technology applications.

Founder & CEO, THR3EFOLD

Jessica Kelly is the Founder and CEO THR3EFOLD. She has spent a decade helping hundreds of fashion & lifestyle brands in New York City grow their business through marketing, sales, and PR. She is passionate about equipping entrepreneurs to be successful and build a life on their terms. She led a business & career development group in New York City for five years and stepped out on her own four years ago to launch THR3EFOLD, a tech platform that provides fashion brands with access to an ethical supply chain and training to grow their business for people, planet, and profit. She has successfully crowdfunded $25,000 for THR3EFOLD and has grown it to be a leader in the ethical fashion space

Nick Romeo format watch
CEO & Visionary, Pickups Mobi

An entrepreneur and philanthropist at heart, with more than 20 years of experience in building companies and a forte in startups. Nick Romeo’s visionary leadership helped launch and assist businesses and brands across various industries: CPG (consumer packaged goods), construction technologies, energy, not-for-profit and technology.

Currently the CEO and Co-Founder/Visionary at Pickups Inc, Nick is on a mission to disrupt the last mile industry, harnessing the power of freedom and leveraging technology to continue to build the largest global logistics marketplace.






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