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Celebrating Uniqueness
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Celebrating Uniqueness: The Difference Between Diversity & Inclusivity 

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The thing about people in this world is the uniqueness of all beings. It explains that there is no way to live without encouraging diversity. Overall, we are social beings and part of communities where we establish our way of seeing the world, create and learn values and build our identity.

People always look for respect and opportunities in several pillars, like in the professional one. However, the critical point is that society accepts and values some characteristics but ignores others, especially those who are part of a minority group.

In addition to diversity, it is necessary to implement inclusive measures to prevent people’s differences from being an obstacle. 

This article takes an in-depth look at diversity and inclusivity and encourages celebrating uniqueness. Keep reading!

The Difference Between Diversity & Inclusivity

These two words are usually used in the same context but don’t have the same meaning. In fact, one concept complements the other. Diversity is the “what,” and inclusivity is the “how.”

The first one seeks to value the plurality of ethnicity, gender, age, education, culture, physical and intellectual capacity, religion, sexual orientation and other characteristics.

Rita Mitjans, ADP’s chief diversity and social responsibility officer, explained for Forbes: “Diversity focuses on the makeup of your workforce — demographics such as gender, race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, just to name a few, and inclusivity is a measure of culture that enables diversity to thrive.”

Therefore, diversity actions aim to increase the number of different people in a particular place. A quick look at an office is enough for you to see its presence.

On the other hand, inclusivity is about implementing a culture. For instance, it is the perception that people are recognized as part of an organization and accepted for their identity and personal journey.

Celebrating Uniqueness In Practice

Indeed, establishing a culture of celebrating uniqueness and adopting inclusivity measures can be challenging. After all, the culture of sexism, racism, and ableism is deeply rooted in society. Therefore, companies must take steps slowly and carefully.

Today, many people seek diversity in the workplace. The challenge is mainly in the daily decisions people make based on their references in life. The team needs to have an open mind to contribute to this.

Diversity starts from the beginning. In addition to reviewing the organizational culture, it is also necessary to pay attention to the recruitment processes.

For better understanding, diversity actions in a company can be an initiative to hire people with disabilities. At the same time, inclusivity concerns programs that aim to implement what is proposed in diversity.

Investing in more diversified human capital also means greater efficiency in organizational processes. 

When a company promotes diversity and makes room for inclusivity, there are more significant creative opportunities to solve problems, innovate and create new ways of making decisions. It happens because different ways of thinking complement each other.

Diversity allows your organizational culture to be more receptive. It happens because employees feel more comfortable sharing ideas and collaborating. In addition, inclusivity includes some procedures companies implement to integrate everyone into the workplace, allowing their differences to coexist.

Diversity & Inclusion Specialists in Companies

Company leaders are vital players for differences to coexist, produce efficiently, and boost the way of celebrating uniqueness. A company’s people management team is crucial to planning and executing actions for diversity and inclusivity.

That is why you should have one or more experts within your team. After all, training and empowering company members is a way of defining diversity as a purpose. It is essential to have diversity committees as an excellent way to guide the organization to make the best decisions.

Equity Must Be An Implemented Policy

It is unfair to hide uniqueness and treat people who departed from different places equally. And this is where equity comes in.

This way of implementing inclusivity involves several other concepts that complement the understanding of social beings. In this way, equity is essential to recognize that not everyone has the same starting point and opportunities. Therefore, companies must take action to facilitate this in practice and repair historical injustices.

A practical example is gender equity, which refers to equal rights for men, women and non-binary people. This culture ensures that the differences between social beings need to be highlighted and respected.

Indeed, these are profound issues that must be addressed in the labor market. After all, we are diverse beings that carry unique stories and identities.

Celebrating Uniqueness In The Fashion Industry

To complement your knowledge of diversity and inclusivity in entrepreneurship, here are some videos for you to watch about the fashion industry. After all, everyone needs to be aware of social issues in the business world.



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