Sustainable Fashion Masterpieces Are Showing Their Power! Learn How Brands Like Lo Neel Are Making Prestigious Eco-Conscious Clothing
Sustainable Fashion Masterpieces Are Showing Their Power! Learn How Brands Like Lo Neel Are Making Prestigious Eco-Conscious Clothing
Fashion Can Be Conscious

Sustainable Fashion Masterpieces Are Showing Their Power! Learn How Brands Like Lo Neel Are Making Prestigious Eco-Conscious Clothing

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For a long time, the fashion market showed resistance to the oncoming eco-friendly wave. Sustainable fashion is becoming more and more googled and getting more adepts, therefore, upfronting a bright future when it comes to market growth.

All over the world, brands are showing that eco-conscious garments can be beautiful, innovative, and luxurious. The French brand, Lo Neel, is rocking the fashion scenario when it comes to eco and social-conscious clothing. 

In this article, you’ll get to know how sustainable fashion evolved to what it has now become: ultimate masterpieces, full of story and technology.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

In our blog, we’ve talked about slow fashion, upcycled denim, and many other techniques that decrease consumption impact. But, sustainable fashion is a concept larger than that. 

Basically, sustainable fashion defends the reduction of pollutants in the production of clothes, shoes, and accessories. The idea is to make the environmental impact as little as possible.

This aspect arose from the need to rethink our conduct, as a society, from an ecological point of view. Sustainable fashion, now, also sets the social impact as an important aspect brands must consider. To sum it up, from the fabric production stage to the unrestrained consumption and disposal of used items, humanity has been taking raw materials, polluting and degrading nature for centuries. The consequences of this were never seriously considered. But, now, after years of inconsequence, we’re seeing that the system we currently live on is unsustainable.

And it is with serious proposals, some brands in the textile sector are committing to helping change this situation. In other words, they are taking environmental issues into account without giving up the essence and personality that fashion conveys.

Sustainable Fashion Proposal for Changes

The idea is to strike a balance between the use of natural resources and what might be disposed of in the future. Truth is, there are a number of ways that the market can do this. We will introduce some of the main ones below.

Taking care of every step of the supply chain

A first step in developing a sustainable fashion brand is to have control over all of the involved processes in the supply and production chain. In other words, ensuring that everyone involved gets paid fairly and that the raw material is conscientious. It is also important to focus on how the end-consumer is receiving the products or how they are getting into the stores.

Use of eco-friendly fabrics

Through the reuse of recyclable materials, such as organic cotton, shredded fabrics (the result of a mixture of scraps and PET), and jute from the Amazon, it became feasible to reuse materials that would previously have been discarded in landfills or end up in the ocean.

Production of durable and timeless parts

Quality fabrics and finishings are also a way to contribute to the protection of the environment — unlike fast fashion, which focuses on renewing the wardrobe every season, sustainable fashion gives way to timeless pieces so that they don’t need to be “discarded ” next season.

Adoption of alternative dyeing methods

This is also an advocated change, as it helps to reduce the environmental impact (in terms of soil and water contamination) through the use of paints of natural origin and less toxic (or non-toxic).

Consequently, the benefits contained in adhering to conscious fashion will be perceived in the long term. We will see the results in the quality of the air and water, in the reduction of the amount of waste produced, and in the increase of consumer awareness.

Sustainable & Fashion: A Match

Lo Neel Clothing
Lo Neel is a French brand runned by daughter and mother. Their clothing are eco-conscious and they are always improving their process to be as sustainable as possible.

The brands that are now arriving on the market are being born, many times, with this awareness in their DNA. Brands have shown that it is possible to transform sustainable raw materials into great fashion masterpieces. 

Lo Neel is a family French brand. It focuses on offering its customers a genuine match between fashion and sustainable actions. Their goal is to offer a vegan alternative to create slow-fashion designer fashion. 

As Frédérique Muller, Co-Founder & Creative Director at Lo Neel says, “every piece of the clothing we work on is telling a story”. Furthermore, they have different certifications that support their values as a company. Their certifications are all available on their website. Loane Cognard, Frédérique’s daughter, is the other Co-Founder of the brand. She and her mom walk side by side while running the brand and making their pieces as ethical as possible. 

Furthermore, Lo Neel is always putting effort to minimize the impact as much as possible. They’ve recently started to fully develop some of their products in France and the knitwear in Italy to reduce carbon print. These constant improvements are what keep the brand growing on an eco & social-consciousness roots. 

The brand takes care of the whole process of production, from the supply chain to the end-consumer. Lo Neel works with the best craftsmen in India to produce pieces of excellence. Paying close attention to the working conditions of their employees.

With their products, they put respect first. Therefore, they are committed to producing the smallest impact on our planet.

Do you know that art can also contribute to sustainability? Read more about it! 

Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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Júlia Vilaça

Head of Content & Social Media

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